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Star Trek: The Exhibition

Show Description

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of sci-fi classic Star Trek a brand new exhibition is opening in Blackpool. It is located along the promenade in the Golden Mile between Central Pier and the Sea Life Centre. Star Trek: The Exhibition will display a host of props, sets and artefacts from the ever popular, long running space saga. Star trek fans and families will be able to see costumes from the six TV series and the 13 films. People will even be able to go on a replica of the original bridge of the starship Enterprise and sit in Captain Kirk´s chair. Be among the first to see this great exhibition, book your tickets now.

Show Dates

DateTimePrice fromBook Online
Saturday 25-February-2017£8.75Book Online
Sunday 26-February-2017£8.75Book Online
Tuesday 28-February-2017£8.75Book Online
Wednesday 01-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Thursday 02-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Saturday 04-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Sunday 05-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Tuesday 07-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Wednesday 08-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Thursday 09-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Saturday 11-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Sunday 12-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Tuesday 14-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Wednesday 15-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Thursday 16-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Saturday 18-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Sunday 19-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Tuesday 21-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Wednesday 22-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Thursday 23-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Saturday 25-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Sunday 26-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Tuesday 28-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Wednesday 29-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Thursday 30-March-2017£8.75Book Online
Saturday 01-April-2017£8.75Book Online
Sunday 02-April-2017£8.75Book Online
Monday 03-April-2017£8.75Book Online
Tuesday 04-April-2017£8.75Book Online
Wednesday 05-April-2017£8.75Book Online
Thursday 06-April-2017£8.75Book Online
Friday 07-April-2017£8.75Book Online
Saturday 08-April-2017£8.75Book Online
Sunday 09-April-2017£8.75Book Online
Monday 10-April-2017£8.75Book Online
Tuesday 11-April-2017£8.75Book Online
Wednesday 12-April-2017£8.75Book Online
Thursday 13-April-2017£8.75Book Online
Friday 14-April-2017£8.75Book Online
Saturday 15-April-2017£8.75Book Online
Sunday 16-April-2017£8.75Book Online

Times and Prices are an indication only and may be subject to change. Please check with venue.

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