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Part illusion, part horror spectacular, part blockbuster horror movie...

Part cabinet of illusion, part ghoulish horror spectacular, part freak show, part blockbuster horror movie - Spymonkey are inspired to create their own spine-chilling version of the midnight spookshow, a popular entertainment mash-up from mid-20th-Century America.
Come and take a peak behind the shroud-like curtain of the Spymonkey creative process if you dare.
These presentations, inadvisably taking place in the notoriously spectral Baronial Room at the Winter Gardens, closed to the public since the unfortunate and bloody Harry S Karfnose accident in 1972, are the alarming result of the first stage of creation of a new Spymonkey show that will mix live action, film, animation, mentalism, puppetry, illusion, hauntings, hysteria and horror.
Witness Abigail´s Party possessed by the demonic spirit of Rosemary´s Baby!
Clutch the arm of your hot date as skeletons first rise from their graves, and get down, in the Danse Macabre!

Scream your lungs out as Spymonkey prepare to scare the living senses out of you!

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